PC Repair Glasgow

Computer support, PC and laptop repairs. Trust us to sort I.T.

PC Repair Glasgow - Computer support, PC and laptop repairs. Trust us to sort I.T.

We take great care to make sure you’re happy

We can deal with every computer problem you throw at us, whether it affects a desktop, laptop, netbook or PC. You don’t need to know what’s wrong. We hear the phrase “it won’t work” every day and love a challenge! A technician will ask some questions, get stuck in and find an affordable solution. We can repair many faults at your home or collect your equipment for repairs at our workshop if required. Get in touch and we will figure out which is best.

Initial discussions are free. We only bill for work carried out.

     Desktop & Laptop Repairs

Won’t switch on? Keeps crashing? Password won’t work? We’ll fix it. We can also sort out cracked screens, broken power supplies, a wonky mouse, sticking keyboards, temperamental internet connections, or revive a laptop after it has drowned in coffee.

    Computer Upgrades

Don’t wait for it to break. If your hard drive is making crunching noises, everything’s frustratingly slow or your needs have changed, it might just take some extra memory, a new graphics card or a new hard drive to bring it right up to speed. Ask us for free advice.

    Virus and Spyware Removal

Sadly, more and more viruses are slipping through the net and causing havoc. We’re always one step ahead so we can banish them from your computer and can prescribe simple measures to protect its future.

    Data Recovery

PC Repair can perform memory miracles. Your important work files, precious holiday photos and your entire music collection may not be lost forever.

    New Computer Builds

You don’t have to buy a computer off the shelf and you don’t need to be a fully-fledged geek to buy a bespoke one. Tell us what you want your computer to do and we’ll build it. We promise it needn’t cost the earth.

    Backup Advice

Don’t wait for it to crash and risk the effects on your blood pressure! We can show you how to backup your computer quickly and easily.


Your old computer won’t waste away on a landfill site. We do everything we can to protect the environment so we’ve teamed up with local enterprises to recycle dead systems under the WEEE regulations.

    Broadband & Network Assistance

Having trouble getting online? We can sort out or set up your broadband, a shared network or improve your wi-fi signal at home, even in tricky tenement flats!

    New Computers

If your computer is uneconomical to fix then we can help find a new one. We’ll talk through your needs, suggest options to try, transfer all your data from your old one and set up everything new. We’ll even install software, tweak settings and ensure it’s ready to use.

PC Repair Service Pledge

We are passionate about our work and we’re very proud of our service pledge.

We are good at what we do.
We take great care to make sure you’re happy.
We love it when you ask us questions and test our knowledge.
We care. We’ll go the extra mile and fit in with your needs.
We provide a more personal service than our competitors.
We act quickly if a repair doesn’t seem to be successful.
Re-diagnosis of the original fault is free within our 90 day warranty!